Malatya City Hall, Turkey

Malatya City Hall

‘More than a City Hall: a social milieu, a meeting point, a cultural centre…’

Over the next few weeks Future Councils will be featuring some of the best civic centres from around the world. Some you will have heard of and others we hope to surprise you with. The first featured civic centre is a City Hall in Malatya, Turkey.

Malatya City Hall represents some of the best attributes in civic architecture; it is of its place, it enhances the community and it transforms the area. Its architectural style is described by its designers ALP Architects as “a reinterpretation of the Turkish-Islamic traditional architecture” and is heavily influenced by the local area. Malatya is the number one producer and exporter of apricots worldwide and, in acknowledgement of this, the orange colour of the steel stairs and the green of the bridges spanning the atrium are borrowed from the apricot fruit and its leaves. The same colours are also used for the logo of the city.

The City Hall has an internal area of 28,000sqm and is comprised of two main blocks: a five storey circular Mayoral block and a larger, ten storey office block. A spiral-shaped City Council Hall is attached to the mayoral block giving both blocks a continuity and creating the feeling of one ‘total space.’ The City Hall was also designed to be more than an administration centre and features an atrium with a citizens’ meeting point for social gatherings, exhibitions, conferences, concerts and cultural events. The internal terrace of the mayoral block also serves as a podium for political speeches and artistic performances. This demonstrates a move away from the idea of a City Hall as a place to lead from and instead suggests a more inclusive approach, bringing the community in.

Malatya City Hall is both of its place and for its place and is therefore deservedly the first in our series of the best civic centres from around the world.

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