WiFi reaches 250 London tube stations

London Tube

Ultrafast WiFi now reaches nearly all of the London Tube stations thanks to a joint effort by Transport for London and Virgin Media to connect 100 more stations.

With a total of 250 stations now connected, even more Londoners can work, catch up on the news and update social media while they wait for their trains to arrive. Since its launch in 2012, WiFi has become an integral part of travel on the Tube, with around half a million phones, tablets and laptops connecting every day. In fact, Virgin Media’s data shows that 20TB of data is consumed on average each day on the London Underground WiFi network – an increase of 17TB-a-day over the last 12 months. This would be the equivalent of streaming five million tracks across the whole Tube WiFi network each day.

Gregor McNeil, Managing Director, Consumer at Virgin Media, said: “By bringing connectivity to more people where and when they need it, out of their homes, we are helping Londoners to stay connected and for them to do all the stuff they love – post, tweet, watch and share – whilst on the move.”

London is faring better than a number of other cities in this area, however others are edging ahead slightly. Transit Wireless, the company in charge of building and designing New York subway’s WiFi service, states that to date more than 120 stations in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx are live, with plans to bring the service to all stations by 2017. The Hong Kong MTR and Paris Metro are more advanced, with all stations now offering free WiFi, and Dubai is even further ahead with free WiFi available on all Metro trains and at all stations as a result of the WiFi UAE initiative.

For more information on the WiFi upgrades to the London Tube service please visit www.virginmedia.com/wifi

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