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Greg Clark MP has today released details of further devolution deals, following on from those announced by George Osborne in the budget. In a surprise move it was revealed that Solihull will become an independent state and has annexed Birmingham airport. Mr Clark also said that the Cornish Wheelbarrow will join the Northern Powerhouse and Midlands Engine as Centres of British economic growth. As yet it is unclear how the eastern region will fit in to this relationship but in a surprise twist Future Councils overheard Greg Clark and a Norfolk council leader discussing the deal over lunch in a pub this week… we’re thinking the Eastern Combine Harvester?

International Collaboration

Future Councils has been informed that a council leader recently went on an exchange program to learn more about how councils abroad support the manufacturing industry. The trip was highly successful and it is hoped that European manufacturers will invest in the council leader’s region as a result. More importantly, on the council leader’s return, her fellow councillors were supportive and did not once mention a “waste of the tax payers money.” They commended the council leader and did not suggest that she should stand down, or even hint at it.

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